Tongue drum

Discover tongue drum origins

The tongue drum is a very popular percussion instrument famous for its relaxing sounds, intuitive grip and surprising flying saucer look!

Played by hand or with mallets, it does not require any knowledge of music or technique to be able to play it, his great asset residing in the fact that no "false note" is possible.

This instrument gently invites the creation, the meditation, the letting go...

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Tongue drum scales

Don't hesitate anymore choosing the scale of your tongue drum!

Many scales are present on the market: pentatonic, minor or major in all tones, Akebono for Zen tones, space for an intersideral journey, C D E F G A B C for pedagogy etc...

There is a scale for all tastes and all uses, whether one is for the relaxation, one for the creation, one for learning about music or even for one self pleasure!

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tongue drum

tongue drum beat root

The first tongue drum

6 Scales

Its innovative tuning system allows you to enjoy 6 scales in a single tongue drum. Switch from a major scale to a minor or pentatonic scale at a glance!

Tongue drum Brands

Discover the different manufacturers of tongue drum

A small, non-exhaustive overview of the different tongue drum brands that can be found on the market.

From the craftsman manufacturer to the industrial production made in China, this will give you an idea of the advantages and limitations linked to a particular type of production as well as an overview of the different options offered by these brands and the prices corresponding. I hope this will help you to make your choice in all serenity when the time comes!

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Video gallery of tongue drums

My Favorites videos of tongue drum

There are many tongue drum videos on the Internet, many of which are made by people who do not have much experience to play with a tongue drum and although I encourage everyone to share his music and passion for tongues drums, I decided to select only videos where music travels the heart and the mind.

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Music Therapy and tongue drum

The tongue drum as a well-being instrument

The soothing and relaxing sounds of the tongue drum, combined with the special experience it provides to the soul make this instrument a very interesting medium in the context of Music Therapy. Its intuitive and reassuring approach (remember that it is impossible to make a false note!) helps to promote expression and concentration, but also to create a link between the patient and the world around him, especially in the context of autistic disorders.

The effects of a so-called "active" therapy based on the practice of an instrument such as the tongue drum are astonishing: mood enhancement, decreased anxiety and even noticeable decrease in pain...

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Who are we?

Or rather who am I :)

Big fan of steel tongue drum and Hank drum, I decided to talk a little about me in this topic!

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