Origin of the tongue drum

What's a tongue drum?

The tongue drum is a percussion instrument well-known for its relaxing sounds, intuitive playing and unique flying saucer look!

You can play it with your hands or mallets, and it doesn’t require any musical or technical knowledge.

This instrument invites you to unleash your creativity, while the melodic timbre lends itself to encouraging meditation and letting go...

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Tongue drum scales

Choose from a wide variety of scales!

Tongue drums come in many scales, including major, minor, pentatonic, Akebono, and more. Luckily, there is a scale for all preferences and uses. Some may better suit relaxation or learning, but ultimately, it’s your choice!

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beat root tongue drum

tongue drum

The first tongue drum


6 Scales

The innovative tuning system on the Beat Root lets you enjoy 6 scales in a single tongue drum. Switch from a major to a minor or pentatonic scale in a flash!

Tongue drum Brands

Discover different manufacturers of tongue drums

From artisan makers to industrial manufacturers, many offer tongue drums for your playing pleasure. This non-exhaustive overview will give an idea of the advantages and limitations of a particular type of production as well as an overview of the different brands. I hope this helps you make your choice when the time comes!

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Video gallery

My favorite tongue drum videos

From beginners to experts, countless people have shared their skills on the Internet. I love that they are letting us enjoy their music and see their passion firsthand. For your viewing and listening pleasure, I chose a select few whose music transports my heart and mind to another plane.

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Music Therapy and tongue drum

Promoting well-being

The tongue drum’s soothing and relaxing sounds as well as the ease of playing make it a great addition to music therapy. Playing one is intuitive and reassuring as no note sounds bad. This helps promote self-expression while creating a link between the patient and their environment, especially in the context of autistic disorders

The positive effects are astonishing: mood enhancement, decreased anxiety and even a noticeable decrease in pain...

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Who are we?

Or rather who am I?

I'm a big fan of the steel tongue drum, and if you want to learn more, check out the following link :)

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