tongue drum videos

Videos of tongue drum

Because finding quality tongue drum videos is getting less and less easy, I've put here a selection of the best tongue drum videos I've found on youtube. With these videos you can get an idea of ​​the sounds of the different tongue drums that exist but keep in mind that the recordings these people do, do not often highlight the deep quality sound of this beautiful instrument. Most tongue drums are acoustic so to record most people use their phones which makes audio recordings with very variable quality!

Still some use microphones placed above but the depth of sound is coming from the resonance compartment that is below the tongue drum so the result is not perfect. The best way to easily record the sound of your tongue drum is to use an electro acoustic tongue drum, which have a built-in microphone and jack wire that allow you to make recordings easier by plugging it into a sound card, a guitar amp ... To my knowledge Beat Root is the only brand offering tongue drums of this kind.

Finally, I advise you to listen to these videos with a headphones so you can listen with the best possible rendering so you can realize the depth of the notes of this instrument. Good listening!