tongue drum videos

Tongue drum Videos

To highlight quality tongue drum videos, I've put together a selection of the best ones I've found on YouTube. They will give you an idea of the sound quality of the different tongue drums out there. But keep in mind that the audio often does not highlight the deep and rich timbre of this beautiful instrument.

After all, most tongue drums are acoustic, so when people use their phones to record videos, this means variable quality in the audio. Still, some try their best by placing microphones above their tongue drum. Nevertheless, the depth of sound comes from the resonance compartment, which is on the underside, so the result isn’t perfect either

The best way to record your tongue drum is to use an electro-acoustic model with a built-in microphone and jack plug. You can easily make recordings by plugging it into a sound card or a guitar amp. To my knowledge, Beat Root is the only brand so far that offers this kind of tongue drum.

Finally, I recommend you put on your headphones when watching these videos so you get the best possible rendering of the depth of the tongue drum’s unique timbre. Happy listening!