tongue drum

Who am I?

Passionate amateur musician, the idea behind this site was for me to make known this atypical instrument that is the tongue drum.

From my first meeting (of the third type!) with this one I was fascinated by its shape, its sonorities and its unparalleled potential! I was also surprised to see that it was very difficult to find quality information on this type of instrument on the Internet.

Many people have never heard of tongue drum, but every time I was able to listen to the sound of one of these instruments, the feedback was unanimous:
"But it's great!"
"Where can I find one?"
"It's so relaxing!"
"I thought I'd never be able to play a musical instrument!"
It's so nice to see the reaction of people who for the first time have a tongue drum in their hands or hear its sound for the first time!

That's why I naturally had the idea to share my interest and knowledge on the subject by making the curious of my humble experience through this website and small articles dealing with the history of the instrument, various applications of it, the models offered by the various brands etc...

You will also find many videos, links and tips that I hope will make you want to discover for yourself the extent of its benefits!